Monday, August 13, 2012

Digging For Dirt or Gold?

When you first meet us, we're a diamond in a rough.  The princess.  Your baby doll.  Do you see those sparkles in our eyes?  That beautiful gleam that shines in a covet of love stars when we look at you?  Perhaps you should keep looking for awhile because after you come to know us better, you will take those away.  Why?  Because you start learning about our past.  About our mistakes.  Bad decisions.  Our hurts and those who once made us smile.

I need to explain to you ... We are human.  We are angels to you during the novelty phase.  Invisible wings, soft touches and lingering kisses.  But I assure you ... We are only human.

Believe me when I tell you, our world is much tougher than yours.  Dark thunderstorms loom in the skies; but also in the hands of you.  We learn the fear, we feel the tears, and we grow with the strength.  I thank God for the mistakes I have made because they taught me how to make the right choices.  I am thankful for the tears and hurt, because they have given me tremendous strength.

You should be thankful for the dirt you find ... Because it has produced a truly beautiful soul for you to love.

I read the below message from a man on a blog.  While digging for gold, I think he found his strength. 

"It takes stubborn, raw determination to find the gold in the situation. You see, anyone can start digging and find dirt. Lord knows, the dirt about me abounds as well, I hope no-one finds “my dirt”. I have been very good in finding dirt about my wife, and in a way, it looks, feels, and tastes good to find dirt in others, because it elevates our status to a point of righteousness that in reality does not exists."

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