Sunday, August 12, 2012

Goodbye Long Hair

I didn't know if I would miss you.  The girly moments of soft waves and curls.  The pretty softness when the wind blows subtle strands in my face.  The fabulous ponytails on the bad hair days.  I sat in the chair with my chin held high and a brave face.  Two inches.  Ok, that wasn't bad.  It already took on a different look.  I liked it.  Let's go another three.  The cutter began chopping and thinning the thick lockes.  Shaping and cutting more.  I watched as piles began forming on the floor but I felt this wonderful cool lightness on my head.  What began as 2 ... Turned into 7 or 8.  I loved it!

It seems my entire wardrobe looks different!  The jewels that hang from my ears give my persona an entirely new look!  Amazingly, the color of lip glosses seem to be brilliant now and match with the new me!  I wake up in the morning excited to style this new look with pearls in headbands or pretty scarves.

Goodbye long hair, hello me!

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