Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kitchen Shelves or Cabinets

Right now this is debatable because it has to be refinished perfectly or it may not land on the attractive side.  Kitchen shelves or leave the cabinets?  We all know the images are stunning but is there really such a serene life behind the scenes?  What happens to those cabinets that you hide a pile of mismatched dishes or pots and pans?  Surely I'm not the only one with cluttered cabinets (sigh).

Put aside new beautiful dishes, a fabulous hanging pot rack (adorned with new pots and pans of course) and a secret little place for the falling mountain of Tupperware ... I think I could make it work!  Yes, I do have a few bottom cabinets that could play as the loading zone for my kitchen "junk".  I do have a very large kitchen and a one I could make one of my super antique finds into a pantry.

"Honey, will you rip all of the cabinets out of the kitchen?"   Snort

My first two images came from one of my most favorite blogs.  Cococozy. Amazing inspiration for any room of the house!

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