Saturday, August 4, 2012

Emotional State of Painting

Step 1.  Papers, scraps, piles of magazines all neatly placed in a box and marked "old technology".  We have upgraded to the "Online Inspirational Scrapbook"!  Chow with love to the tape, glue and sticky fingers (grin).  This could be fun!

I know we have an abundance of work to do in our small pretty little home (sigh) but it's ours and we can make it amazing.  I have found so much of my own inspiration from many incredible blogs here.  And Pinterest, what a genius idea!

We were going to purchase our dream home.  A fabulous old farmhouse with lots of land and completely design and restore the purchase to our perfect home.  As we all know, life changes and this will have to wait for a few more years.  Sit in the dark, listen to your music that entices your tears and then ... get over it.  Time to make what we have from blah to brilliant.

I have noticed that if you are in any kind of emotional state, unsettled, you seem to keep painting!  Nothing satisfies.  It just doesn't work!  My mind is constantly on the move and a blind stamp across my forehead "no, this just doesn't do it for me".  It's painstaking, labor intensive and you would sure laugh if you saw my paint quantity!

A girl and boy who fell in love and married.  Rough and tough first 2 years wrapped up with the bliss that overcomes.  We inherited each other's lives.  ( I won't speak about the "ex" I inherited along with this beautiful transition).  It's time to learn to adjust.  Is it ok if I toss (well neatly place) his collection of cars and trucks up in the attic?  They just don't seem to go as part of our decor ... anywhere.  The only man-cave I could give him would be the large doghouse in back and I don't think our little girl pup likes to share.  =)

We will post the complete renovation as we move along.  Of course, it will take every bit of courage for me to post the before pictures.  I would rather throw them in a time capsule and beg our pup to bury them for me!


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